Welcome to the Junior Professorship for Healthcare and E-Health

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The junior professorship for Health and E-Health researches the impact of digitization on the healthcare sector. It focuses on questions of how (digital) technology can be developed and designed in a participatory manner and which factors affect the implementation of digital technology and how.



The results report of the project "Healthcare Start-up Ökosystem NRW 2022" has now been published. Read the report here.

New project "Enhancing the Adoption of Mobile Health by Persons with Mental Health Problems", read more here.


Kucharski, Alexander & Merkel, Sebastian 2023: "Domestication of Smart Speakers by Older Users" read here.

Langer, Henrike & Merkel, Sebastian 2023: "Co-Designing a Conversational Agent in Health and Social Care – Perspectives of Professional Care Staff and Older Adults" read here.

Burmann, Anja; Langer, Henrike; Bosompem, Jennifer; Clemens, Timo; Herten, Benjamin; Kerstan, Leah; Lauer, Romy; Naeve, Peter; Geller, Simon; Huhnt, Jönne & Merkel, Sebastian 2022: "Governance of Digital Health Data on Cooperatively Organized Platforms - a Design Thinking Approach" read here.

Naeve, Hans Peter & Merkel, Sebastian 2022: "Fake news, covid19 and Twitter – a bibliometric approach" read here. (preprint)

Merkel, Sebastian; Kucharski, Alexander & Schorr, Sabrina 2022: “Computer, how do smart speakers support aging in place?” – A feature analysis focusing on smart speaker applications in Amazon’s skill store for older persons read here.

Merkel, Sebastian & Langer, Henrike 2022: "Healthy and Active Aging in German Communities" read here in Korean.

Merkel, Sebastian & Huth, Diana 2022: "Digital Health Start-ups as Drivers of Digital Transformation - Challenges from the Perspective of Founders" read more here.

Endter, C., Merkel, S. & Künemund, H. 2022: "The Configuration of Older Users as Drivers of Innovation in the Design of Digital Technologies" read more here.

Merkel, Sebastian & Kucharski, Alexander 2022: "Echo, HomePod und Co. für ältere Menschen - Digitale Assistenten als Gewinner der Pandemie?" read more here.

Bauknecht, Jürgen & Merkel, Sebastian 2022: "Differences in self-reported health between low- and high-income groups in pre-retirement age and retirement age. A cohort study based on the European Social Survey" read more here.

Merkel, Sebastian & Knospe, Tim 2022: "Responsible Innovation in eHealth" read more here.

Merkel, Sebastian & Müller-Mielitz, Stefan  2022: "E-Health-Anwendungen als Motor der digitalen Transformation der Gesundheitswirtschaft" read more here.




Room GD E1/155

Phone: 0234 32 25411


Consultation hours

Fridays from 12 pm. Consultation may be given online or on campus. Please register in advance by mail.

Upcoming Lectures

  • Mar. 05, 2024, " Smart speakers in health and care - use cases and motivations. Results of a scoping review", 2nd ITG Workshop Voice Assistants, OTH Regensburg