One-Subject MA - General Information/Forms/Examination Regulations

Examination Regulations One-Subject MA

Study Plan

Master's Application

Each profile of the one-subject master's program at the Faculty of Social Science requires an obligatory consultation before the start of the studies.

A change of program of specialization is possible at any time. For the change, an obligatory consultation must take place again in the new program of specialization. Please simply send me the registration form for the obligatory consultation with a note "change of program of specialization" as well as a transcript from your bachelor's program.
Subsequently, you will be invited to an interview with the supervisor of the new program of specialization. During the interview you will receive a new certificate of requirements. Once you have submitted this to the faculty's examination office, the change of the program of specialization is complete. It is not necessary to report the change to the registrar's office.

Registation of Master's Thesis