Information for Prospective Students - Two-Subject Master's Program

Social Science

deals with questions such as...

  • What keeps modern society together?
  • What is globalization?
  • How do cultures differentiate?
  • How are social science findings constituted and verified?
  • What particular perspectives and explanations do sociology, political science, social theory and cultural psychology offer?

In the two-subject master's program, a field of study in the social science is combined with a second, non-social scientific subject. By choosing a focus, specialization takes place in one of the three fields of study:

  • Sociology
  • Political Science
  • Social Theory and Cultural Psychology

Furthermore, there is the possibility to study social science in the Master of Education. This is also a two-subject model.

Career Perspectives/ Fields of Work

Graduates of this degree program, often work in...

  • Academia and research
  • Management and consulting of organizations
  • Administration and politics
  • Market and opinion polling
  • Health care
  • Continuing education and consulting institutions
  • Associations, companies and NGOs
  • Equal opportunity areas
  • Adult education, continuing education and training
  • Public Relations
  • Unions, employee associations and chambers

Application, Admission, Enrollment

The two-subject master's program in social science at the Ruhr-University Bochum is admission-free. This means that there are no local admission restrictions. Nevertheless, there are subject-specific admission requirements that must be met. These include a bachelor's degree in social science or the completion of a basic course in social science with a total of 50 CP. 15 CP of these must have been completed in the chosen field of study.

Registration for the master's program takes place directly at the chair, by registering for the obligatory consultation. For this purpose, the registration form (see general information, forms, examination regulations), the final transcript of the bachelor's program, the most recent transcript of records indicating the credit points and the (preliminary) overall grade, and, if applicable, evidence of other social science university courses or modules are required. Please note that registration is only possible until September 1 (winter semester) or March 1 (summer semester).

If you have fulfilled the admission requirements, you will be invited to a consultation with the responsible responsible program coordinator. Subsequently, you will receive a certificate of the consultation. The certificate of counseling must be presented and confirmed at the examination office of the Faculty of Social Science together with a copy of the bachelor's degree before enrollment in the two-subject master's program. If admission to a second subject has been granted, enrollment can take place during the respective deadlines.

For more information, please see the current Master's Entry Info or the Sowi-Info.